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“If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late!” - Seth Godin

Case Study presents an opportunity to investigate into a current buzz in the Metallurgical and Materials Industry. It provides an opportunity to develop your insight in metallurgy and learn the rudiments of it. It aims to gauge your analyzing and presentation skills to the fullest..

Problem Statement

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There will be two rounds in this event.

  • First Round -
    • The first round will be an online submission round.
    • The participants need to submit their solutions at in .ppt format(NOT more than 15 slides) mentioning all the assumptions and describing the model.
    • The subject of the e-mail must be Core Case Study Submission.
    • The e-mail body must contain the following -
      • Names of all the team members.
      • Contact No.(atleast 2) of the participants

  • Second Round -
    • The final round will be conducted in IIT Kharagpur during COMPOSIT'20.
    • Participants will need to present their solutions to a panel of judges.
    • The presentation will be given 10 minutes for presenting their solutions.
    • This will be followed by questions from the judging panel.

The minimum team size allowed is 2 and maximum allowed team size is 4.

Note: In case of any conflict, the decision of organizing committee of COMPOSIT will be final and abiding.

Prize Money

The prize money of the event 'INR 7000'.



Sakshi Bhose

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