“I believe that producing pictures, as I do, is almost solely a question of wanting so very much to do it well.”     -M.C.Escher

A technical poster presentation competition, METALLOMANIA, is a platform to express and present original research to your peers, teachers and industry in fields of metallurgy and materials. Time to put your aesthetic skills to use!

The goal of the poster presentation competition is to offer a venue for students to present original research in the field of metallurgy, and to provide a forum for informal discussion with interested students, teachers and industrialists.

METALLOMANIA will be out soon !

Previous Year Problem Statement

"A visitor to a poster does not want to read it, but to inspect it."

Thus, the key to creating an effective poster presentation is visual simplicity achieved without loss of information content.

  • Make the title brief and descriptive.
  • Provide a brief abstract to orient the viewer.
    (Note that the printed program for Visible Thinking will contain each presenter’s abstract, but the poster should also display the same or updated text.)
  • Plan a story for the viewer-
    • The context - What, Why, How
    • The results and analysis
    • The importance of the results
  • Use telegraphic language and bulleted outlines.
  • Construct easy-to-interpret graphs and tables for information and comparisons.
  • Include a visual image to illustrate your project and/or results.
  • Make it easy for the viewer to determine the flow of information.


Metallomania Sample


The selected metallographic images (200x250 mm in size) during the fest. Necessary arrangements for displaying the images will be available at the venue.

Each image must have the following features:

(i) Micron marker,
(ii) Caption (two captions are required. One from artistic point of view and the other from materials science point of view)
  • Maximum of two persons per team is allowed.
  • Participants also need to submit the abstract of the poster
  • All abstracts along with the posters are to be submitted at with the subject Metallomania Submission before 'date will be released soon'
  • The title of the poster must be mentioned in the email.

Prize Money

The prize money of the event 'will be released soon'

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