"What the detective story is about is not murder, but the restoration of the order"  - P. D. James

The Sixth Sense is the detective case study competition which brings out the private investigator in you, about which everyone of us had fantasized as a child.

It's time to live that fantasy, and win cash prizes worth INR 12,000.

Problem Statement

The problem statement can be downloaded from the link below.

1st round Problem Statement.


There will be two rounds in this event.

  • First Round -
    • The first round will be an online submission round.
    • The participants need to submit their solutions to all the cases (NOT more than 4-5 sentences per case) in one single file in PDF format at
    • The first page of the submission must contain the Team Name without which your submission will be not be evaluated.
    • The subject of the e-mail must be The Sixth Sense Submission.
    • The e-mail body must contain the following -
      • Team Name
      • Names of all the team members
      • Contact Details of all the participants
    • The last date of online submissions is 15th March, 2018.
    • The list of the participants shortlisted for the final round will be released on 16th March on COMPOSIT's website.
  • Second Round -
    • The rules for this round will be only declared after the announcement of results of the first round.

A team can have upto a maximum of 3-4 members.

Judging Criterion

  • The initial shortlisting (of the online round) will be based on the solutions/answers for all the four cases mentioned in the Problem Statement.
  • Extra credits will be given for analysing creatively by adding personal inputs to the solutions.
  • In the final round, a team's score will depend upon their presentation and their approach to the case.
  • The final winners will be selected on the basis of the scores of both the rounds.
  • The decision of the judges will be final and abiding.

Plagiarism of any kind will lead to disqualification.

Note: In case of any conflict, the decision of organizing committee of COMPOSIT will be final and abiding.

Prize Money

The prize money of the event is 'INR 12,000'



Ankit Kumar

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