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Badminton Shoes Features . Badminton is a game of jump and quick movement. In basketball, pressure on the shoes or feet is not the same as you have to stretch again and again. Some primary features are. Traction . Traction is equally crucial for all indoor physical sports. Badminton shoes must have a soft rubber outsole with a herringbone design.

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In my experience, badminton shoes have thinner layer of midsole compared to basketball shoes. They are lower to the ground for badminton quicker responses. BBall shoes are higher off the ground making them less stable, especially when there is air bags underneath (yes, that also includes zoom air).


What’s more, basketball shoes focus more on the shock-absorption on the heels, whereas badminton shoes require not only good shock-absorption but also excellent elasticity, which makes another difference between basketball shoes and badminton shoes. There are two types of basketball shoes nowadays: outdoor shoes and indoor shoes. Different patterns and stiffness are used in making the rubber soles of these two types of shoes. The abovementioned is basically the major difference between ...

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Different courts and sports require different shoes. If you want to perform at your best, you'll need the right shoe for the court you are on. Tennis, badminton, racquetball and squash, volleyball, and basketball shoes all have specialized features. Get into the game with the right shoes.

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Basketball shoes are raised so that they tilt you forward. Badminton shoes are flat due to moving in all six directions. It's probably best not to use basketball shoes for badminton as it can result in injuries in the long term. Please do NOT get basketball shoes for badminton.

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Women's volleyball shoes tend to weigh between 9.2 and 11 oz., while men's volleyball shoes weigh between 11.2 and 15 oz. Badminton shoes should be as light as possible in order to promote quicker movement. Ankle Support. Volleyball shoes typically are made with low ankle support. Badminton shoes have low ankle support to allow for ankle ...

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Badminton Shoes for Aggressive Players Picture by Michael A. O’Connor. With your constant movement and powerful shots, you’re going to need shoes that provide great traction and the ability to turn on a time. You’ll also want your badminton shoes to be lightweight. With your constant movement, your badminton shoes are a game of ounces.

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Basketball shoes, however, are specifically designed for that sport and come in low-top, mid-top or high-top designs. The ability to choose a low-, mid- or high-top basketball shoe allows players to choose their preference for fit and ankle support. Ankle Support. Support and stability are major factors in basketball shoes.

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A badminton shoe is basically a shoe with a different sole than most shoes. Volleyball shoes are the frequently used in substitution of badminton shoes as they have similar soles (rubber). Honestly, the type of shoes you wear really have nothing to do with it as long as they have good grip on the court you are playing on.